Preschoolers learn 'earthmaking'

10 Apr 2008

Preschool teachers find it easy to teach children 'earthmaking'.

The following email was received from Lesley Lewis at Angle Vale Preschool.

"My husband and I purchased an Earthmaker Aerobic Composter after reading about it on your website. We find the continuous flow through the three compartments makes it very easy to use. We are very happy with it. After discussing it with the staff we decided to order one for the Preschool where I work.

"Each day we have food scraps which, up until now, have just gone out with the general rubbish collection. We also have dry leaves and grass clippings on site. We can now provide a new and positive environmental aspect to our curriculum. The name of the composter has made it easy for children to learn all about ‘making earth’ from their food scraps and recycling it back into the Preschool vegetable and flower gardens. And they enjoy it!

"We hope that in this small way we can contribute to the children’s better understanding of sustainable futures."