Earthmaker officially m.a.d!

27 Mar 2008

A m.a.d. woman is greening the planet one Earthmaker at a time ...


It's official! Earthmaker users are all m.a.d. - ie: making a difference!

A great little booklet - 'm.a.d. in a green way' - suggests its readers:

"get down to earth - Sending green refuse to landfill is rubbish! Garden and kitchen waste scraps produce methane - a potent greenhouse gas - as they break down in landfill. Invest in a quality compost bin like the Earthmaker to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste you send to the tip, while creating quality food for your garden!"

In fact m.a.d.woman Melina Schamroth likes the Earthmaker so much she is helping to promote it in Australia. Find out more about her m.a.d. work and her m.a.d. books by clicking www.madwoman.com.au